Anger Causes Cancer

Anger causes C- reactive protein responsible in producing neoplasm.

*NEOPLASM- are responsible for cancer


1. It is always best to have a friend to talk to especially when your down. Please thank your friends for being around ^_^.

2. Don't hold grudges. Express them, however be careful of your words.

3. Crying always helps. It doesn't matter if your a boy or girl. Majority of early deaths are from boys because of keeping their feelings and not expressing them.

4. Think Positive.

5. Think of your problems as a challenge to make a better you.

6. Calm yourself down. Listen to Mellow music or as like what Peter Pan says " Think of your happy place".

Don't Leave an Ugly Scar on your Skin!

Have a fresh wound? Do you hate it to leave an ugly scar?

Here is a tip on how to prevent scaring from superficial wounds.

Just drink 1000 grams of Vit. C tablet then just have a nap. When you wake up the wound is healed. REMEMBER TO APPLY WHITENING LOTION EVERYDAY TO PREVENT SCARRING.

Our skin is composed of collagen. Vitamin C helps boost Collagen synthesis and strengthens the skin.

1. This is only effective for superficial wounds- which means wounds only on the skin. If it involves deeper wound Vit. C can no longer be effective since it already has damaged vessels.

2. Vitamin C has no Toxicity since it is a water soluble vitamin wich means it can be excreted from the body. In other words this means it is safe to as much vit. C as you want.